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"dear visitor"

"I Delight to do the Will of God"

"The iconic painting - the three concentric circles of the shield

of Melchizedek is my ebook's spiritual matrix – between

the circles the hearts signify that God's work is done with

and the signs of infinity [the reclining numbers eight]

indicate God's work is never-ending."



Douglass Montrose-Graem

since 2004

(formerly Douglas John Merton Graham)


The following compilation is taken from entries in

Who’s Who in America

Who’s Who in American Art

One Thousand Great Americans – International Biographical Center Cambridge UK

and other sources


Discovering the Path to Perfection

A life developed in divine order - multi-dimensionally, along several tracks – some of the more important ones along parallel tracks, others sequentially. His numerous writings are listed at the end of section describing each dimension of his life.  He considers himself foremost a spiritual light which has gown brighter with the parallel development of his poems – since the 1970’s entwined by his own art work he calls illuminations – hence the designation poet-painter.


>>>>>>Doer of God’s will, poet-painter, political-military-cultural leader, art collector, banker, museum founder, father, lover of beauty in all forms- Genes do count – he feels fortunate for his God-given genetic inheritance  <<<<<<<


At work in studio
2007 photograph by Boris Povlotsky

Inside The Turner Museum
1976 sepia portrait by Frank Szasz

1978? photograph by Candace Bevier

On squash court
with 7 times world-champion Hashim Khan - 1980?

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